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Welcome to Timberlost Outfitting! Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting and Black Bear Hunting - Guided Hunts and Great Accomodations

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One of America’s favorite outdoor activities and sports is hunting. There’s nothing more triumphant than hunting down your best game and taking home the trophy. Finding the perfect location for premier hunting can be a difficult task. What you need is to find a place with a lot of land, high count of game and the best hunting guide. The best place for you is right here at Timberlost Outfitting.

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Timberlost is located in Saskatchewan and we provide the best hunting around, guaranteed. We are known for our whitetail deer, black bear, and waterfowl hunting excursions. Hunting in Saskatchewan is the best place to hunt and has been for many years. With its rugged terrain and preserved land, this is the best place for game to roam.

We pride ourselves on providing our guests with the best hunting experience ever. Whether you’re a new or seasoned hunter, we guarantee your success and fun while hunting with us here at Timberlost Outfitting. We have a vast area of land that we hunt on and we can guarantee that this piece of land is highly populated with whitetail deer, black bears, and waterfowl.

Timberlost Outfitting offers fully guided Saskatchewan, Canada Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting, Black Bear hunting and Goose hunting. Timberlost Outfitting is a Trophy Hunters paradise due to the good genetics, perfect habitat and few hunters, offering great opportunities at bucks over 170" and pope and young bears. Firearm hunts and archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain a low pressure hunting environment. Extensive management practices and maintaining year round nutrition with various mineral and salt licks, and predator control ensure our trophy whitetail deer develop to their fullest potential. All trophy hunts start at Timberlost!

Hunt trophy whitetail deer in Saskatchewan at Timberlost Outfitting Hunt trophy black bear in Saskatchewan at Timberlost Outfitting

Timberlost hunting is on exclusively managed property, which has been under strict trophy management for many years, providing our hunters with great success on mature animals. We offer trophy deer hunting and trophy black bear hunting at a fair price without a lot of frills, but with all our attention on you harvesting a trophy animal and having a quality hunting experience. We are a serious trophy hunting outfitter looking for serious trophy hunters. Don't miss your opportunity for the buck of your dreams. Timberlost Outfitting is a whitetail hunters paradise with some of the best Trophy hunting the World has to offer.

A must read article about Timberlost Outfitting written by Prois founder (Kristie Pike). This is a feature article in the Whitetail Journal. "Not only does Timberlost produce out-of-this-world whitetails, but they do it to the extreme". Read more...

Your Success Is Our Success!

Devin Beebe - Owner of Timberlost Outfitting

Devin Beebe - Owner of Timberlost Outfitting

2013 Hunt Special - FREE Shed Hunt with all Booked Deer Hunts

When booking your 2013 Whitetail Deer Hunt with Timberlost Outfitting located in Leoville, Saskatchewan you will receive a FREE 2 day shed hunt in the Legendary Saskatchewan Wilderness, Home of the World Record Typical Whitetail (213 5/8 B&C). Timberlost Outfitting feels that all of their deer hunting clients should be more involved in their hunting experience, after all this is your dream hunt. One way that Timberlost Outfitting can do this is by offering our deer hunting clients to visit us in the spring on a shed hunt, to go deer scouting, and even can make it a fishing trip to catch that once in a lifetime 30lb Northern Pike. Timberlost wants to provide you with the hunting experience and opportunity of a life time. Your hunting enthusiasm and knowledge combined with the guides experience will leave you with a monster whitetail.

This is a great way for you and your hunting party to come to Saskachewan, Canada and scout your area as well as to meet and greet the staff at Timberlost Outfitting. You will be staying at our main hunting lodge which has a breath taking view of one of many northern Saskatchewan lakes. Your meals are not provided on the shed hunt, only the lodging, but we can make arrangements to have the meals catered in for your entire hunting party. For those of you who would prefer to do your own cooking, our camp is equipped with cookware to prepare your own meals or barbeques. More days can be purchased for shed hunting; fishing trips can be planned and quads can be rented.

Feel confident knowing that you have booked your Whitetail Deer Hunt with a quality, Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitter in Saskatchewan, Canada ... TIMBERLOST OUTFITTING: It's the experience you have been waiting for!

Secure your spot with Timberlost Outfitting whitetail deer hunt, black bear hunt, or waterfowl hunt by depositing money through PayPal! Important Notice: Please do not put a deposit down before you talk to me about openings.

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