Hunting Guides in Saskatchewan

DEVIN BEEBE | outfitter

Date of Birth: November 26, 1980
Hometown: Leoville, Saskatchewan

I started hunting as a young kid with my dad and have been hunting ever since. I enjoy the outdoors and am lucky to have been raised in a place where the skyline is the boreal forest. I worked in Lloydminster in the oilfield for 10 years before deciding to pursue my passion of hunting, and haven’t looked back since.   Outfitting is my full time job which is always a plus when you are a hunter looking to book a hunt cause you know that all the preseason work will be done which is the most important part to a successful hunt.  I love outfitting, yes its hard work but is the most rewarding job that I ever had, when you get to see a hunter with a big smile with his trophy it makes every long day worth it.

I am excited to share in your Canadian hunting adventure. Hope to see you soon!

TOM BEEBE | guide

Date of Birth: July 22, 1952
Hometown: Leoville, Saskatchewan

I grew up around Leoville in a family of 12 children not far from where my son lives now (Devin). All of us kids had jobs and mine was to provide food for everybody else, to be the hunter. I retired in 2014 from a government community pasture where we use to ride horse everyday and keep care of about 4000 head of cattle. Now I work full time along with Devin getting all the baits out, clearing trails, scouting for birds, catching predators, servicing all the four wheelers, getting all the trucks and trailers ready to go each season. There is always something to do in the outfitting world.

I’ve been hunting my whole life and started guiding in 2001, and can't wait to meet you and put my experience and these old bones to work for you.


Date of Birth:  September 20, 1957
Hometown:  Leoville, Saskatchewan

I grew up on a farm not too far from Leoville but have been living here since 1975.  I retired in 2014 from a career of cooking and cleaning at our local hospital. So now I stumbled upon a new career of cooking and cleaning full time for Devin.  All jokes aside, I love to make people feel welcome at our place and hope you enjoy your stay here with us at Timberlost Outfitting.

Leon LaventureLEON LAVENTURE | guide

Date of Birth: February 11, 1965
Hometown: Leoville, Saskatchewan

I was born and raised right in Leoville.  I enjoy hunting, fishing and the company of good friends and family. I spend lots of time in the woods around Timberlost either camping, quading or riding skidoo, I also have a cabin right at Deer lake you will quad right beside if you guys go up to Higgins camp. When I’m not guiding for Devin I am a mechanic and run a shop right in Leoville.  I look forward to meeting you and  glad to share in your experience.

ED THIEL | guide

Date of Birth:  November 11, 1952
Hometown:  Leoville, Saskatchewan

I grew up on a farm right beside Timberlost community area called Timberland and still farm there to this day. I have been guiding for many of years and just enjoy taking other people out hunting now and sharing in their hunting experience. I can’t wait to meet you and share some history of Timberlost and share some stories with you.