Black Bear/Fishing

Here's the info you will need after you've booked your hunt with us...

Prior to the hunt, the client must print off the Non-Resident Fire Arm Declaration form.  It can be filled out but not signed until in front of the customs agent.  Practise practise practise shooting! This cannot be stressed enough because as we expect an ethical shot on all bear.  If a bear is wounded and not found the hunt is considered over unless a fee of $1600.00 is paid. All hunters need to get a HAL number for their first time hunting in Saskatchewan, that will then be their personal number for future hunts in Saskatchewan.  This number needs to be e-mailed to  me in order to get the hunting license.  To obtain your HAL click here. Hotel rooms for the Saturdays before and after the hunt can be booked at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel  1-306-986-4993 or the Sandman Hotel 1-306-477-4844. These rooms need to be booked as soon as possible, as during hunting season they fill up early. Call me before you book a room so I can tell you which hotel to book in and make sure you get the discounted rate cause you are hunting with Timberlost Outfitting Review our Black Bear Supply List as it will help you pack for your hunt.

I (Devin) will meet everyone at the Lounge in your hotel for a meet and greet every Saturday around 8:00pm. We leave Sunday morning at 9:00am from the hotel lobby, stop at Cabelas where you can buy some fishing lures that are not provided, (I do supply fishing rods) and then drive to Leoville which is about a two hour drive.  I have three different camps that I can keep hunters at so it depends where the big bear are at to determine where we will be staying, or if you have a preference of where you would like to stay.  When we get to Leoville we will stop at the grocery store and get treats, bottled water, soda, or alcohol.  Two of my camps I can get to with a truck and the third camp we have to ride 4-wheelers into, so the ride into camp will vary.  Once there, we will settle into camp, sight in our weapons, and sign the licenses.  Every morning we have a big hearty breakfast and then go out fishing. We eat a big dinner at 2:00pm and quad out to our bear stands around 4:00pm.  You will either ride in a side by side or drive a 4-wheeler.  We have two different types of stands for bear hunting, neither have rails around so you must bring a safety harness.  All of our bait stations are around 20 yard shots.  If you don’t shoot a bear I will give you a $500 credit to another hunt. There will be a $500 fine for any bear that doesn’t weigh more than 200 pounds but if it you haven’t shot a bear with Timberlost yet, that fine does not apply. For the fishing, two of my cabins are located on good fishing lakes and the other one has a good lake about a mile away, as well as being close to different lakes. Plan on staying over night again at the Hotel on Saturday night and book your flight home for Sunday.  Please keep in touch with me after you booked a hunt through email and/or give me call on my cell phone 1-306-821-2726.

View our Supply List for Bear Hunters here