Whitetail Deer

Thank you for visiting our website. We are glad that you are conserding to hunt with us here at Timberlost Outfitting.  Our deer hunts are 5.5 days that cost 5000US  plus 450US for your deer license this includes everything taxes, meals, lodging, trophy prep, pickup and drop off in Saskatoon. Please feel free to browse our site for more information on our hunts and the services we provide. You won’t regret choosing Timberlost Outfitting. We have premier hunts for whitetail deer, black bear and waterfowl in the Saskatchewan.

Here's the info you will need after you've booked your hunt with us...

Prior to the hunt, the client must print off the Non-Resident Fire Arm Declaration form. It can be filled out but not signed until in front of the customs agent. Practise practise practise shooting! This cannot be stressed enough because as we expect an ethical shot on all deer. If a deer is wounded and not found the hunt is considered over unless a fee of $2500.00 is paid. All hunters need to get a HAL number for their first time hunting in Saskatchewan, that will then be their personal number for future hunts in Saskatchewan. This number needs to be e-mailed to me in order to get the hunting license. To obtain your HAL click here. Hotel rooms for the Saturdays before and after the hunt can be booked at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel  1-306-986-4993 or the Sandman Hotel 1-306-477-4844.  These rooms need to be booked as soon as possible, as during hunting season they fill up early call me before you book so I can tell you which hotel to book with and how much it costs.  Review our Whitetail Deer Supply List as it will help you pack for your hunt.

I (Devin) will meet everyone at the lounge of your hotel in Saskatoon for a meet and greet every Saturday around 8pm. We leave Sunday morning at 9:00am from the hotel lobby, stop at Cabelas and then drive to Leoville which is about a 2 hour drive.  When we get to Leoville we will stop at the grocery store and grab anything you will need special for the week like treats, bottled water, soda, or alcohol. We then will drive to my Main Lodge at Shell Lake and five hunters will stay there and six hunters will take the side by sides up to Higgins camp. Once there, we will settle into camp, sight in our weapons, and sign the licenses. The next morning we will take you out to your stand before sunrise and hunt there till sunset. We have a few different types of stands such as double tree stands, single tree stands, and heated ground blinds. I highly recommend renting my winter package which includes a heater body suit, booties, hand warmer, hot toes, and hot hands for $150.  If need be, on the sixth day you can hunt until 12:00pm and if you don’t shoot a deer I will give you a $1000 credit to another hunt. There is also a $1000 fine for any 10 point or more buck shot under 140 B&C. Plan on staying over night again at the hotel on Saturday night and book your flight home for Sunday. Please keep in touch with me after you have booked your hunt through email and give me call on my cell phone 1-306-821-2726.

General Information

  • Please remember that a passport will be required to travel to and from Canada
  • If you have had an impaired driving charge you could be refused entry into Canada. Permits are available but they take several months to process call Mitch Jessiman 1 204 453 0099 with Canada border crossing she will get you the permits you will need
  • It is most convenient if you are able to fly into Saskatoon the night before your pick up so on Saturday.
  • Free pick up and drop off in Saskatoon. Pick up time is at 9:00am Sunday morning from your hotel in Saskatoon
  • There are discounted rates for Timberlost hunters at the Courtyard Marroitt and the Sandman Hotel
  • Outward flights are to be booked for the day following the hunt so Sunday, as there may be time constraints on getting back to Saskatoon on the Saturday evening
  • Supply lists are available to download in PDF format
  • There is a $1,000.00 kill fee on any 10 point buck that does not gross score 140 B&C points. This is to protect our young deer
  • Timberlost gives back $1,000 if a Deer hunter goes home empty handed.
  • You must wear your colors at all times if you are hunting with a rifle. The law is that you have to wear white, red or orange vest or jacket and a red or orange hat
  • You can wear camo pants or whatever you want
  • Legal shooting times are ½ before sunrise and a ½ after sunset
  • If you shoot at a deer do not get out of your stand.  DO NOT try to follow it. Call your guide
  • If you draw blood on the animal and we don’t find it your hunt is over. If you still want to hunt more there will be a $2500 fee.
  • Do not urinate out of your tree stand we will supply a bottle for you to use
  • If a hunter lets a deer walk that deer is no longer hunted that year
  • Remember that silence is golden and especially when that BIG BUCK is standing thirty yards behind you

View our Supply List for Deer Hunters here

Remember “Let Em Go Watch Em Grow”